Medical Service Network

Medical Service Network

We Are At Your Service Throughout Türkiye!

We have contracts in place over 6.950 healthcare institutions throughout Turkey.

You can also benefit from our discount prices for services that are not covered by the health insurance at our contracted healthcare institutions. 


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Exclusive Services via senCard Service Point

Providing members-only exclusive features, senCard covers you with its Service Managers that are assigned at different healthcare institutions. senCard Service Managers oversee the services that you receive from the healthcare institution and provide the service support that you need, anytime.

Compensation Coordinated with Social Security Institution

At healthcare institutions contracted with Social Security Institution (“SGK”), you are fully covered thanks to our system that allows utilization with the SGK coverage!

Surprising Exclusives

At different healthcare institutions that are designated for you, you can benefit from free dental examination and panoramic features provided with your private health insurance.

For details, you can call senCard Service Center.

No More Waiting for Provision Thanks to Online Systems!

Thanks to senCard Provision Systems that are developed by expert teams with an emphasis on data security, we remove the waiting time for provisions.

To benefit from this feature, ask the institution personnel to use senCard Provision Systems..

Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta is leading the industry and removing the “Contracted - Non Contracted Institution” terms from the history. From now on, the “share” that you are required to pay at the institutions which are not covered by the network you selected via the Kişiye Özel Health Insurance policy and therefore we allow you to receive services from any institution.

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