Working With Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta

Working with Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta

“Exclusive” Solutions for Different Businesses of Any Size“Exclusive” Solutions for Different Businesses of Any Size

Provision of the most accurate health insurance solution that covers all your bases and does not burn a hole in your wallet requires a meticulous work and a fine-tuned balance.

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 employees, we provide you the health insurance that can be developed “business exclusive”, modifying the details ranging from deposits to shares, the exclusive services that you will be receiving from the current medical service network, to cover all your needs.


Long Term and Value-Added PartnershipLong Term and Value-Added Partnership

Balancing the healthcare needs, employee satisfaction and budget, expenditures...

We are here to be a consultant, a companion that will tell you how to be and stay healthy, not to be “as close as a phone call” but be right there at the desk next to you, to cover your bases in order to check your expenditures and provide solution recommendations instantly.

We are ready to help you build a healthy "future" for your business.

SENCorporate: Healthy and Happy Companies SENCorporate: Healthy and Happy Companies

In addition to ensure the employees that spend most of their time at the office with a busy schedule to be healthy both physically and mentally, it is equally important to provide them an office that is “fun to work in” and user friendly.

Now we offer you a brand new program that oversees these to the finest detail, ensuring “healthy lifestyle” while increasing awareness and consciousness to be and stay healthy not only at work but also during daily life: senCorporate

To initiate this program offering many exclusive options and provide a “Healthy, Energetic and Joyful” life to your employees, contact us now.


WorkingWorking with Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta is With You For Your Needs!

It is apparent that the corporations which consider their employees' future today and invest towards their future will enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

With a vast experience of 20 years, we provide services to companies that consider their employees for a healthy and secure future.
Not only group health insurance, we also develop exclusive solutions that meet the needs of businesses with different options regarding group life insurance, group personal accident insurance, group emergency insurance.

We Are Here For You with Our Online Applications


Our exclusive application that may be utilized to view the information and medical records of the employees covered with the policy and comprising different applications that feature certificates or letters for foreign offices without the need to consult the HR department.

sencard mobil

The brand new application for the people who want to access their information regarding their health, any time.

Our mobile application designed with a completely secure infrastructure includes general health information in addition to the sections where the policy holders may enter via passwords.


An exclusively developed system that maintains the data regarding the group health insurance policy that can be accessed via a password registered by the organization officer and may provide reporting based on certain criteria utilizing the mentioned data.

Proactive Reporting and Data Analysis

Thanks to our systems that are designed by our teams in align with online data stream, we help your corporation to access the reports required instantly and electronically. By analyzing your corporate data meticulously and exclusively with our expert teams that understand the importance of health and the simplicity behind its complex structure, we schedule meetings as you demand, together review these analyses and we build the “healthy future” of your corporation together.

Our analyses allowed our corporate clients to ensure significant savings and provide support to create a healthier workforce with a detailed health planning.

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