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health insuranceThe Most Important Step Towards Becoming a Corporate Institution: Health Insurance

Group health insurance motivates existing employees and creates a sense of belonging while it is a reason of preference for potential candidates.

It is essential to progress with the right companion in order to design "the most suitable" health insurance plan to be offered to employees in accordance with your budget and needs.

The pioneer and unique health insurance company in its field, Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta is here to offer the most suitable plan for your needs and company dynamics with its knowledge and expert teams.


saving solutionsSaving Solutions

Our solutions exclusively designed for SMEs help you smartly manage your health expenditures and raise awareness among your employees for a healthy life while providing access to quality health services within the institution's culture.

In group health insurance, which can be applied with the participation of at least 10 employees, together we determine the limits and insurance coverages that institutions need and help them offer the same facility also to employees' spouses and children if desired.

Financial Assurance SolutionsFinancial Assurance Solutions for Your Employees and Their Families

With life and personal accident products that we developed for institutions, you can provide financial assurance to your employees against such unfortunate incidences as accident or death which may arise in the course of their employment.

When you provide group insurance to your employees, you provide a financial support to the family or -if determined in advance- beneficiaries of your employee in case of death for any reason or accident.


Tax AdvantageTax Advantage

Article 63/3 of the Income Tax Law provided tax advantage to paid employees for health and personal accident insurances (such as civil servants and workers) while Article 89/1 provided it to taxpayers subject to tax return (such as those receiving rent income, tradesmen and freelancers).

You can also benefit from tax advantage by sponsoring group health insurance of your employees at Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta.

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