Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Tickets are ready, your bags are packed, tagged and ready to go... but what about travel insurance? Whether for business, education or leisure, travel health insurance covers you and your loved ones against the unexpected things that may happened during your trip, be it to foreign or domestic.

Travel health insurance is obligatory for countries that apply visa to the citizens of Türkiye.

Why should you have travel insurance?

Travel health insurance, based on the policy, covers you and your loved ones against unexpected issues and accidents you may encounter during your trip.
The main elements covered by the travel insurance are:

  • Medical treatment
  • Medical transfer
  • Medicine shipment
  • Your luggage that are lost or damaged during the trip,
  • Travel cancellation
  • Disability or death due to accident
  • Returning ahead of schedule due to residence damage or death in the family
  • Cash advance


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