Other Group Insurance Options

Other Group Insurance Options

Financial Assurance for Your Employees and Their Families.

Our employees are a part of our Family... Our main goal is to ensure that our family is safe and secure.

In an event of an unfortunate death or accident, we developed the “Ailem Güvende (My Family is in Safe Hands)” product to provide financial support for the families.

Huge Risks Are Under Assurance with Tiny Budgets

With this product, you can provide assurance to your employees during their career with you against sudden illnesses, accident or injury, which are classified as “emergency” by World Health Organization (WHO) and covered by the deposit specified in policy exclusive terms.

With Group Emergency Health Insurance, your employees can benefit from the healthcare institutions that provide provision without paying any extra fees, within the limits that you determine as per the policy, for any emergency health conditions that are covered by the deposit.

A Solution to Ease the Troubles

We do many things and realize many projects to ensure our employees live a healthy and safe life.

In an event of an illness that is extremely hazardous to human health and require lengthy and expensive treatments and operations, we provide a solution that is simple yet valuable to ensure the employees receive the treatment required without any financial concerns.

Tax Advantage

By providing health insurance to your employees, you can have happy and healthy employees and benefit from corporate tax advantages.

Since the premiums that will be paid by your business will be added to the payrolls of your employees, with the provided tax benefits, this may lead to an increase in net wage and therefore you can have happy and healthy employees.

Furthermore, as the premiums are considered as general expenditures when determining the tax basis for corporate tax, your company will have a tax benefit.


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