Health Business Partners

Be the Address for Swift and Quality Service

Our aim is to provide the highest quality service to our insurants with the lowest cost and in the most secured way.

Here are some privileges you are offered via Bupa Acıbadem Sigorta and senCard cooperation:

• Our experience for understanding your needs
• Online systems which would minimize your and your personnel's administrative duties
• A provision center to which you can have secured access for 24x7
• Quick and easy payment with the privilege of e-invoice

Join our Medical Service Network to be the address of swift and quality service!


All Documents at One Center

All documents necessary for being a part of our Medical Service Network are now easily accessible at one place.

To work with us, fill in the online application form where you are requested to provide some preliminary information. After reviewing your inputs, we will request "Medical Service Network Forms" for more detailed contents we may need.


We are Faster with Online Systems

Rapidity is, without any doubt, what we need most under intense work pressure...

Life is easier thanks to automatic provision systems that you can use anywhere with internet connection, available via our cooperation with senCard.

All you need to do is "Click"...

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